Sripuram Vellore Golden Temple

Sripuram Golden Temple – Vellore

Sripuram Vellore Golden Temple is a spiritual park at the foot of a small range of green hills at a place called Malaikodi in the city of Vellore in Tamil Nadu, India. An important feature is Sripuram Lakshmi Narayani temple or Mahalakshmi temple whose Vimanam and Ardha Mandapam is overlaid with gold inside the temple and exterior.The 20 hectares and was constructed by Vellore-based Sri Narayani peedam led by spiritual leader Sri Shakti Amma, also known as Amma Narayani Temple, which is 55 000 square meters is a set of prints and sculptures in gold. The lighting is arranged so that the temple glitters even at night. The Sripuram is the largest structure of gold. Even SATARIA a wreath at the foot of the Lord is divided into solid gold weighing 1 kg. Towards the exterior of the temple is in the form of a star. Walls records monitoring amma.All Sakthi lessons must pass through the shape of the star to the shrine. The Golden temple Praharam  resembles the Indian Parliament.

The landscape of Sripuram is natural. The temple garden is well maintained

Sripuram Golden Temple Vellore – Greenish Belt

natural  fertilizers.
The atmosphere around the Sripuram temple makes you peaceful. Ecopond Sarvatheertham where all the major rivers waters  are gathered .The pond is wonderful for birds  supplemented by more than 20 thousands, trees of various species.

Uniqueness in Sripuram Mahalakshmi temple is the Star Path.The  Star path makes human body calm and peace .

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Sri Sakthi Amma Sri Lakshmi Naryani

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