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The Sripuram Golden Temple is situated in 100 acres of lush landscape


History of Sripuram Golden Temple

in the middle of the star-shaped path so that it absorbs more energy from nature, which creates an inner peace and relaxation to the devotees. Devotees walking through starpath were blessed to read the  messages of truth and justice, which allows them to develop and turn into powerful  creatures. The ultimate goal is to change in people.

Sripuram Golden Temple was built in a period of 7 years which is very short time. The Golden temple was inaugurated August 24, 2007 consecration ceremony was witnessed by thousands of devotees. The golden temple has attracted thousands of devotees.The entire temple was covered with 9 to 15 layers of gold foil. The temple is decorated with sculptures of the human person, richly decorated with columns and a roof.

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